True Loyalty

A journey to remember

With Tabi you can create conquerable journeys that drive engagement, motivation and loyalty towards your brand, company and events.


The journey…

… not the destination, is what brings us happiness.

With this philosophy in mind, we built Tabi to focus on the mastery and progression of the player rather than just the rewards. If the player only plays for something in the end, then loyalty doesn’t truly exist.


To trigger the right response from the players, we have designed a system where as the player completes milestones, more resources will be available to them to complete the journey.


Linear is boring. Learning and growing is never a straight line. Create a journey that offers multiple paths to the players and allows them to reach mastery in more than one way.

Unique Tabi

Create stunning Tabi cards by collecting the different layers earned through completing milestones. Use conditional logic so that no two players get the same designs and they resemble their unique journey.


Connect with other users within the same Tabi as you. Find easily who and how many have completed the same milestones and compare and share your unique Tabi with others.

(coming soon)

Real Time Analytics

Review what milestones are working best for your journey and adapt them to better motivate your audience. Use our heat map to visually follow the journey of your users and track in detail what everyone is finding hot.

10 minutes

to build a journey


Using our A.I. assist launch a journey within 10 minutes. All you need is a list of the milestones you want your players to complete and Tabi will get them ready for you to organize them in the journey builder

Unleash mastery

Create immensely creative journeys that will allow players to conquer new heights. Create learning environments that have never been experienced and let the players thrive and flourish.

Stop boring strategies that do not track or help player engagement.

Create different types of journeys

One of the most important things we needed to build is a framework that allows journeys to be flexible and not limited by one single way of doing them. We want you to feel confident that you can organize the journey whether there is a hierarchy on the milestones or not or both.


Using a simple straight line to create a clear learning process or a tutorial.

Skill Tree

Create a tree-like structure that shows the players that choosing a path will lead to mastery of certain skills excluding other paths in the process.


Build milestone clusters that show the different categories of growth where the players can focus allowing them to complete all or some of them.


Create a creative skill map that has no hierarchy between milestones or layers and players can complete any or every milestone in the order in which they find them.


Combine all methods into one Tabi or…


… add a bridge from one Tabi to the next one by hiding the join link inside of a milestone at a certain point, opening a new world, surprising your players.

Ready to Tabi?

Test Tabi today and see how easy your players will be able to follow through a journey, complete it and love the process of growth and mastery.